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Miami | Ft. Lauderdale FL

Marble Bathroom Polishing in Pinecrest

Every floor or wall is different so is the case with this marble bathroom in Pinecrest which was in dire need of polishing. Years of incorrect cleaning and use of acid bowl cleaners left etching and no shine on the floor. First restoration to the entire floor, as usual the case in Pinecrest and all&hellip ....More

marble polishing in Golden Beach

Marble Polishing in Golden Beach

This marble floor in Golden Beach was just unbearable to see, so some restoration and polishing were needed to bring it back to life. White carrera is an italian marble which is very high end material. The owner didnt even know he had marble until we came in for the inspection. He wanted to change&hellip ....More

marble polishing miami

Marble Polishing and Sealing in Miami

Here we have a marble floor in Miami which was in dire need of polishing. Restoration was not necessary but it had lost some of its luster. We came in cleaned the floor and polished to a medium shine, we also applied a sealer/impregnator. Many homeowners ask me when should the process of restoration and&hellip ....More

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Grout Cleaning in Coral Gables

Here we have a porcelain floor with white grout in Coral Gables which was installed a year ago. The grout was dirty and homeowner wished for us to clean and seal the grout. The issue here is that this is a leed certified home, not really an issue because we have products that are green&hellip ....More

marble bathroom, marble polishing coral gables

Marble Bathroom Polishing Coral Gables

This was a marble bathroom floor in Coral Gables which had not been serviced in a very long time. We need to be carefully as we always do because of the maple wood bedroom right next to the bathroom ( Owner said wood floors were original 1962 floors). Bathrooms are a bit more complicated to&hellip ....More