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Walkway Audits

A Walkway Audit is a hands on approach to floor safety. Walkway Audit in its simplest form is a floor audit on floors which is done by a certified walkway auditor. This Auditor has been trained and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (N.F.S.I). Audits are done in accordance to walkway auditing guidelines of the N.F.S.I. Perfect Marble is a Certified Walkway Auditor trained and certified by the N.F.S.I.

The Process consists of:

-interviews with property manager and janitorial company
-observance of typical day and cleaning routines
-identify areas in facility and rating these areas in according to risk
-testing area for SCOF, and or DCOF depending on surface and standard to determine floor traction
Once the process is done a thoroughly detailed report will be made for your records. All information is confidential and stored in a secure data bank. This report will alert establishment as to any problem with an unsafe floor.

Why is Walkway Audit important?

-Maintain safe and efficient walkway area
-Due diligence of maintaining safe walkway surface
-Documentation and remediation which helps in preventing liability and lawsuits
-Used in Claims and defense
-Over 50% of Slip and Falls are caused by problems with the surface
-Increase in floor traction has been clinically proven to decrease slip and fall claims by 50% to 90% (N.F.S.I.)
-Savings realized because of decrease in employee injury and potential loss of work
Compliance Audit
A compliance audit is a report not a thorough as a walkway audit.
-Area of risk are Identified and marked
-Test for SCOF, and or DCOF
This Audit will give us a numerical value and this will intern will tell us the traction of the floor
If we combine walkway audit with a repeated compliance audit (monthly or quarterly or annually) this
-identification of problem areas and fixing them
-due diligence of safety concerns for your establishment
-data for your records and also in case of a liability issue